6410 N Oak Trafficway

6410 N Oak Trafficway, Kansas City, MO 64118

(816) 420-0404

The “Hub 1” as it has become named years back when the first chain in the Hub Smoke Shops was open in this plan to cover Kansas City with high quality smoke shops with expert advice.  This icon Smoke shop is the one you know conveniently located on North oak Trafficway at 6410. If you like to eat this is the location with Smoke House Barbecue a block away. Longboard’s is a great local place that you should check out as well on your visit to our original location. Several fast food spots all around for an easy excuse to get out and see us.  If you have any problems finding one of three of the best smoke shops in Kansas City please call the store anytime we are open from 10am to 10pm. We can give you detailed instructions to help guide you in.

We are very well trained in the product knowledge over your traditional smoke shop items and we have the state of the art devices that offer the technology type smoker the control over temperature and coils, Mod box, vaporizing, with just about every flavor and nicotine level to help out with no smoking careers and areas in Kansas City.

Stop in as soon as you can even if just to take a look at the advancement in smoking Technology. We do carry all major brands of cigarettes in store for a fly by on your way home or to work. The major highway to the Hub1 is 169 hwy. North Oak Trafficway runs parallel with 169 so you would exit 169 on Englewood Rd. due east or 72street, or even Berry rd to Northoak.


See you soon.
(816) 420-0404