In Southeast Asia, fresh Kratom leaves were chewed to increase work efficiency and relieve fatigue for manual laborers. Fresh and dried leaves were also brewed into teas in Malaysia and Thailand for a range of ailments including diabetes, diarrhea, fever, pain, and for use as a wound poultice. It was and remains used as a substitute for opium and to reduce opioid withdrawal symptoms both in Asian countries and in the West.

Kratom or its main alkaloid, mitragynine is derived from the plant Mitragyna speciosa Korth which is indigenous to Southeast Asian countries. This substance has become widely available in other countries like Europe and United States due to its opium- and coca-like effects. In this article, we have reviewed available reports on mitragynine and other M. speciosa extracts. M. speciosa has been proven to have a rewarding effect and is effective in alleviating the morphine and ethanol withdrawal effects.

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