Shisha Brands

Enjoyment comes from smoking. This we understand. What kind is the question we ask at The Hub SMoke Shops of Kansas city. We carry all major brands of shisha for those hookah tobacco lovers as well we stock all your parts for the Hookah piece you might be looking for come into the Hub. We can help or build your custom today.

Fantasia hookah tobacco is hand made in the USA and features many unique flavors, including cocktail flavors. Fantasia shisha is high quality tobacco designed for the party lifestyle.

At Fumari we love hookah tobacco and we are committed to providing a quality product and offering a variety of mouthwatering flavors that will make your mind tingle with taste.

Social Smoke Hookah Tobacco is 100% American made, and out of the brands we carry, they feature one of the largest selections of shisha flavors. We enjoy Social Smoke for many reasons, and one of them being the easy loading process that rewards you with a full flavor smoke session. We recommend a simple fluff pack method for any style of bowl, and you can increase the amount used depending on your smoking preference. Social Smoke is known for their super powerful, Absolute Zero mint flavor.

Starbuzz Shisha – Starbuzz is arguably the greatest producer of modern style hookah tobacco in North America. Starbuzz shisha is considered “modern” because of its use of uncommon flavor combinations to create one robust flavor experience, tightly packed inside one powerful hookah bowl. Signature flavors include Blue Mist, Sex on the Beach, Code 69, and many others.

Alrayan is your best source for shisha tobacco and the best hookah molasses in the US. Flavored lemon molasses for a party or gum flavored molasses to spice things up a bit.

Al Fakher hookah tobacco is one of the most well-known shisha brands in all the world. They have been producing shisha tobacco since 1999, and rumor has it that their influence on the hookah universe far extends that reach. Since the early days, Al Fakher has been adding new and exciting flavors to their line to complement their world-famous Double Apple or Mint.

Nirvana Super Shisha is a hookah tobacco with dokha, which is a strong type of Arabic tobacco. Nirvana shisha has a high nicotine level and provides a heavier “buzz” than most other shisha tobacco brands. Nirvana has recently reworked their shisha formula to provide for smoother puffs and better flavor.