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Mods & Replacement Parts
We also have mods and sell replacement parts such as coils, batteries, and atomizers to upgrade or repair your current vaporizer. We can help you get the parts you would need to fix your smoke modifications,

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Kansas City Glass Experts

The Hub Smoke Shop Kansas City carries glass pipes from hundreds of artists and we strive to keep up with all of the new Kansas City artists emerging onto the glass art scene daily. Our Smoke Shops have a serious selection of glass spoons, waterpipes, rigs, hitters, steamers, helixes, electronic cigarettes, hookah., and we were one of the first ever to carry vaporizers in Kansas City. And we match internet prices. That is reason enough to visit our store. See you soon~


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The Hub is the best smoke shop in Kc and has the selection! “The Hub” Our team, located in Kansas City, serving the Northland has learned everything they could about quality smoking products and customer service. Opening multiple locations Serving Kansas City with the best customer service — “This company chose to expand into the digital realm.” Technology Kansas city! The Hub was the first smoking retailer in Kansas City to combine low prices, a killer selection, and a pleasant customer experience. Today, The Hub in Kansas City is arguably the biggest smoking outlet in the city. Our new website streamlines the entire process of what you should see in a smoke shop and your hard earned dollar. Showcasing New Arrivals, Best Sellers, and Staff Picks in a sublimely clean interface. As smoking culture has evolved, we’ve also kept up with the trends. At the top of the homepage, you’ll find extensive sections for products and vaporizers, which have come a long way since our humble beginnings. Our sleek redesigned stores also allow a loyal customer to experience how a professional well trained and staffed smoke shop should treat you! You deserve better Kansas City! And it is here! At the Hub! Smoke shop kc, start a wish list, If an item you’d like to purchase is out of stock, we’ll notify you via email as soon as we receive it. After 10 years in the industry, we’ve learned a lot about keeping smokers satisfied, which we’ve translated into a…



SWITCH TO VAPING TODAY. 10 REASONS HERE! Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) started going on sale in 2003. Recently, they have seen increased demand for use as a smoking device that delivers nicotine in a less harmful way. As of 2016, over 500 brands of e-cigarettes are available. Let the experts at The Hub Kc Smoke Shop show you the latest technology in E-cig devices. While e-cigarettes (also known as “vapes”) have made a lot of progress, many still choose tobacco cigarettes over e-cigs, despite the proven and severe health risks tobacco cigarettes carry. This is mainly because tobacco cigarettes are more accessible to the public at large, and new laws to regulate vapes for sale could make them even more difficult to obtain. Why should smokers switch to vaping? How does vaping work? And how does it compare to smoking a regular tobacco cigarette to satisfy a smoker’s need for nicotine? It’s been said that smoking one tobacco cigarette reduces your lifespan by 11 minutes, does vaping cause less harm? Here’s a short course on how vaping works. “Mod” units are battery-operated devices with a fire button pressed to release the vapor from the e-liquid inside the other main component of a vaping unit, an “atomizer tank”. E-liquids (or E-juices) come in different flavors and are dripped into the atomizer tank. Once everything is sealed up and turned on, users place their mouths on the mouthpiece, inhale, and wait a beat before exhaling. Vapers can either short-drag the vapor (as one…